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Unlocking the Value of Your Medical Industry Enterprise

The journey to maximizing value for your company in the medical industry begins with developing a roadmap to unlocking your Enterprise Value! Some of the key factors that need to be considered include:

Planning - An Organization’s overall business plan for growth, written out formally and designed for long-term success, considering factors like target market and competitors. What is the current state of your business planning?

Leadership - The Company has fully developed plans for succession that determine future leadership and contain a stable development plan to guide leadership through numerous circumstances. What is the status of your succession plan?

Sales - The total quality of a Company’s sales strategy, including regional targeting and projections, and whether that strategy aligns with core values. Growth is a key factor in future value. Are you on the right track?

Marketing - An Organization’s effort to reach out to its target market through a fully developed tactical marketing plan. Is your marketing plan “ready for action” in 2017?

People - A formally developed structure around roles within the Company, as well as a written personnel policies manual about company culture. Is your team aligned and comfortable with their roles and accountabilities?

Operations - The current stability of local and remote manufacturing operations, and efforts for long-term profits and growth under the scope of a comprehensive operating strategy. Is margin improvement an active part of your core operating plan?

Regulatory Compliance – A good regulatory compliance plan begins with the involvement of all roles and functions within the company. Is your staff properly trained and aware of their role in ensuring Regulatory Compliance for your products and your company on a regional and global basis?

Quality Control - Whether employees have a good grasp of the importance of “quality” in their various roles; it’s impact to ISO and to regulators, etc., and if the organization makes an active, successful effort to continuously improve quality in its production efforts.

Finance - Development and execution of a stable plan for financial growth, as well as capability to effectively manage assets. Bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE: Do you have an EBITDA growth plan that all employees understand and participate in its attainment?

Properly addressing these key categories give businesses a holistic view of their opportunity for growth. Over the next year, the MedWorld Advisors blog will delve into the details of each of these categories to help businesses further their path to unlocking the intrinsic value of their enterprise to ultimately maximize the Enterprise Value at Exit.

If you can’t wait the entire year to being unlocking your ultimate value, please feel free to connect with MedWorld Advisors to discuss our MedWorld 360™ Value Improvement Program.

We have expert consultants regionally and globally ready to help you being your journey to greater value growth and enterprise achievement.