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Global MedTech Industry M&A - Q1&Q2 2019 Review

We started to review MedTech's Global M&A activities in 2018 and received great feedback. So we are continuing again this year.

Let's look at what happened during the 1st half of 2019:

- 3.5x was the average revenue multiple per transaction

- 13.1x was the average EBITDA multiple per transaction

- The majority of the M&A activity was done by Strategic Acquirers still

- Yet more Financial Acquirers entered the MedTech Segment than in the past

A few marquee transactions in this sector were*:

* Consists of transactions announced or completed in 1H 2019

Source: FactSet, Press Releases

Source: FactSet, Desktop Research

To see a compiled list of transactions for the 1st half of 2019 click here