How to Improve The Value of your MedDev Company

Broadcasted by the MedDevice Group on August 1 2017


If you were asked to name a price at which you'd sell your company, could you do it? What can you do today to achieve the greatest enterprise value, even if you have no immediate plans to sell?


Dave Sheppard (formerly VP, Covidien) and Florence Joffroy-Black of MedWorld Advisors based on  and algorithm to assess enterprise value and, they can tell you which management decisions will add the most incremental value. 


Dave said, "Beyond increasing sales and reducing costs, we find few entrepreneurs know how to measure the financial impact of their management decisions. And still fewer are focused on enterprise value until they're ready to sell – at which point they come to the market under-prepared and have to settle for a lower price (if they are saleable at all)."


Florence adds, "The strategies we teach are best executed well in advance of an actual sale. They also apply to distressed entities in a turnaround situation and in cases where the owner wants to take additional cash out of the business."


Among the questions we'll cover on the webinar are:

· What are the key factors and priorities to maximize the intrinsic value of your business?

· How to get your management team engaged focused on the right improvements?

· How to determine if you focusing on the right customers?

· What is the right type of growth for your specific situation?